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Though having some is a cute, fun idea that helps to make gardens and walkways pop, it’s a terrible idea to bring in an entire army of them. Keep to a limit of four or five, depending on how big your walkway is, and how full of flowers, rocks, trees, and other aesthetics it already is. THE IMPORTANCE OF YOUR FRONT DOOR Painting your front door in a color that’s both eye-catching but neutral, as well as matches the overall style of the exterior, is a great way to add curb appeal to sell your home for more. Additionally, a contrast between the overall facade of your home and the front door will amp up your curb appeal. For example, if your house is white or gray and has black shutters, painting your front door red will create a more mysterious essence to it, and bring more beauty to your home — as will adding a wreath on your door, a potted plant by the entrance, or having boxed planters lined up on your porch near the front door. This creates a more positive, free-flowing atmosphere, thereforemaking your home lookmore appealing to buyers. Ensure your front door has a fresh coat of paint, that the knob is polished, and that any pieces that need replacing are replaced before your home is put on the market. Your back door needs attention too. For example, if you have a sliding screen door for your backyard, check if it needs a new screen or if it needs to be repositioned on the tracks. There’s nothing worse than having something fall apart or not function properly when there’s a buyer in your home, especially when it comes to the doors, both front and back. AWELL-MANICURED LAWNMAKES THE DIFFERENCE

If your lawn is withering, has dead grass, or is riddled with weeds, buyers aren’t going to be attracted to your home. Therefore, it’s extremely important to have a lawn that’s well-manicured and


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