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You don’t have to install the latest in light fixtures technology tomake them look better. You can look for fixtures that match the current mounting system you have installed on your home’s exterior, so it will only be a replacement project, instead of a completely new installation that can get quite pricey. You can bring in more light if your home is still too dark. This helps make a beneficial impact when it comes to curb appeal, as well as to provide better security. Solar stake lights are inexpensive when bought from home improvement stores. No one is going to want to break into a home that has a well-lit exterior. Even though landscaping strictly pertains to the ground cover and plants around the outdoor area of your home, the exterior paint of your home plays a large role in the entire look of the property. Skimping on the paint on the exterior of your home is a great way to chase away the buyers.The best approach is getting a new paint job well before you plan on putting your home on the market. This way, the paint doesn’t look so fresh and new, but like you’ve been keeping up with it for years. The autumn season is the best time for repainting homes, as well as repairing siding and retouching chipped paint, because your landscape will have the best light to show in. Most homeowners selling their house assume that they should only have to pay attention to soft landscaping, being the lawn and the garden. That’s not true. Hardscaping is just as important, and refers to the driveway, rocks, sidewalks, and any paved areas around the home. Power-wash your driveway throughout the fall and into the winter months to ensure it gets a good cleaning all year round.That way, you won’t have to bring in professionals. Don’t overlook pool maintenance, even if the pool isn’t in use. Even in the fall, if you’re selling your home, pool maintenance is important. No buyer wants to see a dirty pool full of leaves, twigs, and dead bugs. They won’t be able to envision themselves and their family and friends enjoying a hot summer day in the pool if it’s full of debris.


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