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BATHROOMS • Remove all unnecessary items from shelves and keep only those that are required daily, like toothbrushes and toothpaste. • Sort through prescription medicines to keep only those that are currently being taken. This is a good time to dispose of unused prescriptions in an appropriate way. Your local pharmacy will be glad to assist. • Use a hanging bag or organizer for toiletries to neatly arrange them. • Get rid of old shampoo, body wash, and lotion bottles. Keep only the essentials and if you need other items neatly place them on shelves or racks. LIVING OR FAMILY ROOM • Store all books and magazines in an area where they won’t be seen. Better yet, get rid of the ones you don’t need. • Remove photo frames and other small decorative items and store them away. • If there are toys around, take a basket or one of a small fabric toy container and store the toys neatly. • Dedicate an area for placing all the gadgets along with chargers and remote controls so that they aren’t scattered all over. • If your living room also serves to be the entrance, make sure you have no trash cans or dust bins in sight of the door. • Pay attention to high-traffic areas to declutter them, and make sure the doorbell and other electronic systems — like the intercom or security system — are working properly. If they require new batteries, change them. • After the kitchen, it’s usually the living or family room in which people are most interested. So, make it your goal to clear away unnecessary items from this area to make it inviting and cozy.


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