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•The objective of decluttering is to make space for inviting features like a rocking chair or a neat magazine holder to give a final cozy look to your family or living room. SOLUTIONS FOR FAST AND EFFECTIVE DECLUTTERING Of course, you don’t want to spend too much time clearing out extra and useless items from your home. The goal should be to declutter as fast as you can and do it effectively. There are some services that you can check out in this regard to achieve your objective successfully and in less time. DIY storage ideas are especially useful when it comes to decluttering and preparing your home for staging. Before putting your home on the market, throw out things you don’t need. So, when you’re done clearing away some of the clutter, it’s time to store the items you don’t need (temporarily). ONSITE STORAGE Consider an onsite storage option for clearing away some of the clutter while keeping the essentials safely stored at a remote place. This option is becoming increasingly popular because of benefits, including low cost,

convenience, and flexibility. The company providing the storage system drops off a container at your place, and you can fill it up the way you want. Once you’re done putting in furniture, boxes,

and cartons, you call them up again and they transfer the container to a secure storage location. The containers come in many different sizes and costs, and you can choose one according to your needs. TRUSS SHELVES

Truss shelves are mostly used in places like the attic to create shelves for storing boxes. These can be made at home, or ordered from a store. They are quite easy to install, and provide many benefits over stacked storage.


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