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Remove other things like bathroom scales, spare toilet rolls, toilet brushes, wastepaper baskets, sponges, etc. Also stash all your personal items, like soaps, toothbrushes, cotton balls, etc., under the bathroom sink, where they’re hidden away. Seeing your personal hygiene products can make buyers feel a little awkward, as if they are in your personal space. • Hang fresh, luxurious towels and lay down bath mats. The addition of beautiful, soft towels can transform a bathroom in an instant. Thick, white, luxurious towels always work well, but brightly colored towels are also in style these days. Get new ones if you can, as these look better than washed towels, and only use them as display props when prospective buyers are viewing. If you have sufficient counter space in your bathroom, you can create an even more luxurious feel by placing a neatly folded pile of two or three matching towels on the counter, beside the bath. • Organize storage space. Buyers love plenty of storage space and they will open your bathroom cupboards to see howmuch is there. You want to create the impression that storage is plentiful, so ensure your cupboards aren’t full and overflowing. About half-full, or up to two-thirds full, is a good look, and make sure everything inside is well organized. This applies to your counters, too. Clear off the counters and remove all your everyday toiletries and bathroom supplies. If you really don’t have enough space for all your toiletries, put the excess in toiletry baskets and store them out of sight.


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