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MASTER BEDROOM STAGING When staging your master bedroom, there are many factors to consider to make your house attractive to the potential home buyer. A well- staged master bedroom creates a feeling of sanctuary, refuge, and relaxation that’s representative of your entire home’s emphasis. After all, you spend a great deal of your life by your bedside. While this includes the master bedroom, the master bedroom’s closet is equally important. First, let’s cover the basics for staging a master bedroom. IDENTIFY THE MASTER BEDROOM Certain rooms take predominance over the others, whether they offer more in square footage, natural lighting, or contain special features, like an attached separate bathroom. Of course, some families have chosen to tailor these rooms to different purposes other than a place to sleep (like a home office), but when staging your master bedroom, you’ll want to find the most obvious room and put your attention to detail in action there. CLEAN UP BEFOREHAND

This might seem like it goes without saying, but you should clean up all messes before home buyers view the master bedroom. While it’s a pain to be living in the same home that you’re selling, take the necessary measures to hide the traces that someone is actively living in the bedroom.

• Get Rid of the Miscellaneous: Having scattered stuff from your purse and pockets on a nightstand


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