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looks messy and reflects a lack of attention to detail. Uncapped perfume/cologne bottles and hair ties in a “miscellaneous” bowl also appear messy. • Laundry: Choose attractive, perhaps new bed coverings. Get into the habit of keeping all laundry baskets out of the bedroom. It might be convenient for you to have it for your daily convenience, but no one likes to see another person’s dirty laundry (literally and figuratively). • Smells Matter: And as much as we try to keep ourselves odor-free, we can sometimes forget that human beings (and their accumulated clothes) can develop a lingering musk. Having fresh air throughout the master bedroom is wise, though it helps to disinfect and purify the air with aerosol sprays hours before guests arrive (if possible). Smell does matter; use a light potpourri, but avoid heavy scents like incense or wall plugins with “bright” or food-related scents. DECLUTTERING To sell your home, you must declutter your master bedroom. As much as you’ve enjoyed the proximity of your slippers and damp robe on the door, it’s time to take out anything within the master bedroom that seems extra or unnecessary. One method that makes this task more simple is to remove everything from the bedroom. Yes, everything! From there, focus on rearranging your furniture in the best light, so to speak. Avoid wasted space. Your goal is to subconsciously calm the buyer’s mind with perfectly folded bed covers, decorations symmetrically aligned, and pillows arranged like a hotel. Once you’ve decided on the bare minimum of furniture, begin adding little touches that can fill out a room. If you have a rug, be sure it matches the bedding. • Nightstands and Lamps: Make sure that these items match and complement your bedding and furniture. While you may think a lava lamp or other kitschy lamp lends personality to your home, think again. Remove stacks of magazines and books piled there.


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