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• Exercise Machines: Despite the convenience of having an exercise machine in the master bedroom, their appearance can be jarring when coupled with the serene and relaxing bedding just nearby. These items (i.e., treadmill, loose weights) also collect dust and loose laundry, so removing them entirely helps in staging your master bedroom with little headache. • Electronic Devices: Televisions, stereos, laptops, and music collections. Anything that can be related to work or entertainment should not be staged in the master bedroom. Save those for your living room or den staging. Large racks of CDs and DVDs tend to be distracting and do little more than show your taste in audio and film, which isn’t the purpose of staging your master bedroom or selling your home. PAINT IT LIKE A SPA As mentioned, there are advantages to taking everything out of the master bedroom before restaging. One reason is that it gives you an opportunity to repaint the home. A fresh coat of paint is an attractive way to draw in potential home buyers. Of course, you’ll want to stick to neutral or earthy tones. It’s best to think of creating a spa environment with the color you choose, with no jarring paint schemes or colors that dominate at the expense of another (like a bright yellow). BEDDING The focal point of your master bedroom is obviously the bed. While your functional bed might be comprised of less pieces, your bed during staging should be a work of art. Let’s look at a few things to consider for the most important part of your master bedroom staging: • Use coordinated and matching bed coverings. It’s helpful that companies tend to group entire bedroom sets that correspond to colored themes, but ensure these match your furniture, as well. • Use a bed skirt if you have belongings stashed beneath your bed to mask your storage scheme. You’ll have to put these on first, as lifting the mattress is usually required.


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