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TAKE INTO CONSIDERATION THE FOLLOWING: • Have both “his and her” clothing together in one closet. If your clothes are in separate bedroom closets (for whatever reason), it could show that your relationship is having problems and the home buyer could use that to infer about your financial status. In other words, they might think you’re looking for a quick sell before a divorce, and present you a lowball offer. • Show that the closet is big enough to stand in. You should have a happy medium that suggests that the closet can fit the possessions of a person who can afford the home. Too much stuff, and it implies the house is too small. • Keep the stuff related to daily life. If you store things like luggage, holiday decorations, excess cardboard boxes for packing, and anything not related to getting dressed for the day, it implies that your home doesn’t have the necessary space to separate your daily life from stuff that should be stored elsewhere. ORGANIZATION TIPS: • Matching Clothing: By grouping your clothing by type (casual vs. business), your closet will automatically feel more organized. Once you’ve sorted clothes this way, you can then organize it by color.

• Hangers: Hangers should be matching and not cheap. Get rid of the flimsy plastic ones or your collection of wire hangers from the dry cleaner’s.

• Box It: If your master bedroom closet has been used for storage, organize your belongings in boxes, not loose cardboard boxes. An alternative option is to the use the vacuum bags for seasonal items, which saves space and offers an elegant alternative. • Rack ‘EmUp: If you have a large collection of shoes, place a shoe rack on the floor and against the back wall. Alternatively, if you purchase a hanging rack, you can leave for space to open up the closet even more.


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