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GET THE DETAILS RIGHT Repair any damage in the closet. This is best done with an empty closet, especially for repainting. Change burnt-out lightbulbs, polish the doorknobs, and make sure that doors (especially sliding doors) move freely and easily. SMELLS MATTER Keep your closet dry and freshly scented. This is especially true if you have pets that like to use your closet as a hiding place (or worse, their own private litterbox). Moisture-removing products can help your closet stay mold-free, but don’t leave these items in the closet during the showing. “Open scents” that make one want to breathe deeply are encouraged. Think of fresh cedar chips or sandalwood. The odor should draw you inward. And it should most definitely not smell like mothballs, which not only suggests that the house has a pest problem, but also makes the home seem more intended for an aging relative. • • •


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