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IDENTIFY AND UTILIZE THE FOCAL POINT WITHIN THE ROOM Focal points are specific features within a room that capture a buyer’s eye as soon as they enter the room. All the focal points within your living room need to be highlighted when you’re staging your home, with the goal being to draw and enhance the eye on these special features, to ensure the buyer instantly falls in love with the room. The focal point in a living room is generally the fireplace, but if you don’t have one, then your focal point is whatever is the largest, most dramatic object within the room. A bookshelf, for example, could be further enhanced by placing books, candles, and a large mirror nearby. The most common focal points within living rooms are: • the fireplace • arches, beams, ceilings, and walls that are angled • height ceilings • tray ceilings and other interesting details within the ceiling itself • arched, bay, large, and other forms of windows that stand out within the room • reclaimed lumber, old brick, and other forms of featured walls • entertainment centers • built-in bookcases With a fireplace, hanging a large mirror or a large piece of art over it adds depth and drama to the room, and will always draw a buyer’s eye. You could further enhance the fireplace by adding a beautiful vase, floral arrangement, candlesticks, or any object that’ll catch the eye of a buyer within a symmetrical line going across the mantle of the fireplace. When it comes to focal points, symmetry is better than asymmetry, because it helps enhance the focal point itself while keeping everything neat, tidy, and doesn’t give a look of complete clutter.


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