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MAIN DINING AREA STAGING The dining roomor dining area is often that warmand comfortable room in the home where people gather together with family, friends, and good food daily and on special occasions. Laughter resounds, news is shared, and memories are made. Such thoughts and memories could be very important in the minds of your potential buyers, so you want to do everything in your power to get it right. Here are some simple tips in setting up your main dining area to make it more alluring for potential buyers. STAGE THE TABLE The table is themain focal point

of a dining room. You want to have the eyes of the potential buyers open wide with pleasure at seeing the table, whether in person or in the pictures you post. You knowwhat it’s like to have that positive feeling. Think about the home furnishing ads ormagazines that you’ve read. Before getting

started, write down your theme and ideas, and then plan accordingly, keeping in mind that adding at least a hint of popping color is going to work magic. To subconsciously keep up the buyer’s confidence, avoid the use of a table cloth since you don’t have anything to hide there or in the rest of the house. You have the choice to make it enticingly extravagant or to keep it elegantly simple.


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