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However, separate this area from the dining area in amore defined fashion by using a sofa or other strategically placed furniture. SMOOTH THE SURFACES Tuck away all trinkets and extra clutter. Since you’re going to be staging the table and don’t want to detract from that focal point, it’s important to take a minimalist approach to the rest of the room and surfaces. You want to create more space to the eye, yet have enough variety and color to envelope the prospects in the charm of the space as they walk through or view the pictures. Perhaps a decorative vase, even without flowers, can be placed on the sideboard or corner table. Two cocktail glasses on a tray with a cocktail shaker create a great, minimal decoration that contributes to the relaxed atmosphere, subtly inspiring the buyer with the desire to entertain guests. If you choose to have a bowl of colorful fruit, a lamp, or any of the other choices from the plethora of possible decorations, keeping items grouped together in odd numbers creates a more appealing impression on the eye. OUT WITH THE OLD Now, you might really love your house and the charm of having some outdated components, but then again, if you’re selling the house, it’s time

to bring some of the less-expensive charms up-to-date. Look around your dining room. Is the paint dirty or a dingy color? Is the wallpaper peeling, or does it have a tacky or busy pattern that’s difficult to complement? You can find newer, more neutral wallpaper options and clean, neutral paint colors to easily blend with any furniture or accessories.

Think about big, open space and select the colors according to that. Staying away from dark colors and instead focusing on light and neutral blues, grays, yellows, and greens will give you the result you’re aiming toward.


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