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Add an accent wall in the living room by choosing a complementary color, such as a calming sage green or a deep red against taupe walls. Whatever you do, make the home welcoming. New “clothes.” What would happen if you wore the same shirt without washing it every day for a week? It would look worn and dirty, and begin to smell. What about your home? Maybe it’s time to re-dress the windows and sofas. Updating the window coverings to complement the paint color and re-covering or purchasing new accent sofa pillows that pop can create a quick upgrade to your home. Also, update your bathroom collection with clean and bright towels and bathmats. • Bring it to life. Consider strategically adding a fresh plant or vase of flowers to the different rooms throughout the home. The keyword is strategically . This doesn’t mean adding a floor plant in every corner and putting a vase of flowers on every surface. Also, be smart! You want to be careful to avoid flowers with heavy pollen, such as lilies, to discourage any allergic reactions among potential buyers. • Slow things down. Adding lightly scented candles here and there and lighting them when showing the home will create a calmer atmosphere. Again, be careful to avoid heavy scents that encourage sneezing or instant headaches. Recommended scents are cinnamon, vanilla, pine, and citrus. • Play softmusic. Have you ever taken the time to notice the varying differences in music choices among the stores that you visit? A very low background hum of classical music will add a level of sophistication to your home, releasing extra endorphins within the bodies of your potential buyers, and providing them with a sense of wealth as they stroll through the beautifully arranged home.


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