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HIRING A PROFESSIONAL VS. DOING IT YOURSELF Time is the most common denominator among homeowners during the home- selling process.

To conserve as much time for yourself as possible, you’ll want to delegate as many tasks as you can so that you will be free to focus on other important aspects of your move.

A professional home stager could be a real lifesaver. Staging experts often have acquired valuable experience that they can pass on to your home to increase its salability.

The staging professional or firm will create a theme in each room to complement the layout, bring in the furniture and home décor needed to complete the themes throughout the house, and give you tips to use when showing the house, such as what kind of fresh flowers to buy or scented candles to burn. You might also consider that a staging expert or firm will provide the manpower needed to do the heavy lifting and moving of furniture throughout the house, and if any damage happens in the process, the stager covers the cost of repairs. On the other hand, staging the home yourself could not only save you money, but could also allow you to put more of your own personality into the theme. Having lived in the home yourself, you’re more familiar with its pros and cons indoors and outdoors — e.g., the need for more light in a certain room or ensuring the lawn is treated for weeds to keep them from sprouting up overnight. Your goal is to gain the highest ROI when your house sells. If you believe you can achieve this by staging on your own, then go for it; otherwise, spend the little extra on a professional upfront to reap the benefits at the sale.


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