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PHOTOS OF THE OUTSIDE It goes without saying that your potential buyers want to see the inside and the outside in any online listing or property website that you have. If you’re going to show them, then show them! Before taking pictures, take these important steps: Cut that grass. Whether you do it yourself or support your neighborhood professional, give your lawn a clean, close cut. Get rid of some tension with your weed-whacker by obliterating those stubborn weeds and extra strands of grass along pathways, the house, and around trees. Trim the hedges. If there’s one thing that helps to look like an abandoned hideout, it’s a runaway row of hedges. You can save the day by a quick trim to make sure the bushes are nice and even, adding another spark of life to the outside. Colorful landscaping. Plant a variety of colorful flowers, and lay some red cedar chips. If you would like to provide a night photo for effect, consider adding some LED path lights. Give it a bath. Shine the windows, hose down the house, and clean the gutters. Sweep the pathways and driveway. You don’t want pictures of cobwebs around your doorways or of water-stained windows. Take strategic photos from angles that really show off your home. Following the above tips should make this easier because you won’t be trying to avoid capturing the grass or bushes in the photos. DRONES In the past, you would’ve needed to pay an

expensive fee to a pilot for the use of a private plane or helicopter. Now, you can make it all happen more affordable with drones.


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