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Besides being used by some to spy on neighbors, drones have a variety of uses. The good news is that one of these is to show off the high value of your home to potential buyers. As regulation continues to shape the future of drones and their legal use by civilians, you can still stay ahead of the crowd by hiring a licensed drone photographer or getting the license to fly one yourself. Why does drone photography give you an advantage over other sellers? • Provides a big-picture view. You can give potential buyers a complete view of your property by an aerial photograph or video. This is something that most homeowners never see for themselves for as many years as they have lived in their homes. The house, the yard, the distance from neighbors, the proximity to various parts of the community — this is truly a valuable shot. • Shows the road home. If you choose to have the drone capture video footage, you can take the potential buyers on a ride up the street to your home and even pull up into the driveway and walk them to the front door. Whether doing it yourself or hiring an experienced professional, draw up a plan. Map out the route, plan the time of day, and be prepared to take multiple photographs or video shots to give yourself options. Do you want to benefit from the lighting effects of sunrise or sunset? Do you want to catch the school bus route? Do you want to include any wildlife, such as deer, around your property? Think ahead. Planning the details will help your drone project move smoothly and provide a valuable finished product. VIDEO WALKTHROUGH We’re now a mile ahead of the rest. This is every home buyer’s dream.


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