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Why? Because people have an eye for the kitchen and they want it to be just perfect. Even if they would have to compromise on other rooms, they will buy a home just because its kitchen is well-maintained and inviting. • Other than the kitchen, bathrooms are something people usually inspect very closely. Replace the faucets, and clean up the bathroom counter. We would again emphasize on simplicity, because simple and neat arrangements are usually easy to clean and maintain. WHAT IS WORTH YOUR INVESTMENT? So, you’re done decluttering, cleaning and upgrading. What’s next? Well, if you have a good investment to make for your home, divide it into three or four parts to bring some really impressive improvements to your home. Here are some areas you might want to think about seriously: • Lighting: If you’re not very satisfied with the lighting system in your house, replace it. But for this, you would need to buy fixtures and other equipment for each and every room in order to make it look consistent and attractive. • Plumbing: Many old homes have rusty pipes and even some leakage in the plumbing that require serious attention. Your home won’t sell fast (and at a price you have inmind) if you haven’t already invested in making the plumbing system better and improved. • Flooring: These days, most people look for hardwood floors or alternatives that are easy to manage and provide health benefits instead of carpeting.


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