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BUYING STEP #7: CONTACT AN AGENT Contacting a reputable qualified professional real estate agent is highly advisable; one would be safe to say it’s downright mandatory. The agent will find a house for you according to your needs and desires and show you multiple offerings. It is not easy to go out and search for homes without backup, so let a person who has a deeper knowledge base on the matter and a wealth of relevant experience help you find the right home for you and your family. Good agents will note all details about the houses and if it’s out there, they will find a perfect home for you. By contacting an agent, it’s possible to find a less expensive house as well. Agents will have details and listings you may not have found on your own. It can be difficult to make a correct and viable decision on a home when you’re all on your own. Agents not only have all kinds of different choices and options to present you, they can also show you various quality locations and guide you through the buying process. Many buyers are confused about how buyer’s agents get paid. The seller pays the buyer’s real estate commission to the listing brokerage. Real estate agents are prohibited frombeing paid a commission directly by the consumer. All real estate commissions are first paid to the listing agent’s broker, and then the listing agent’s broker pays the buyer’s brokerage. Buyer’s agents do not work for free. When you engage a buyer’s agent to show you property, you are implying that you will eventually write an offer through that buyer’s agent, fromwhich the buyer’s agent will share in the commission. BUYING STEP #8: MAKE AN OFFER The first step to actually buying a specific home, once you’ve researched and compared and visited, is to make an offer. This means proposing a price to buy the property. In the real estate arena, you will find that there are many legal requirements to fulfill and that spoken promises mean nothing in a court. In this sense, you will find the assistance of experienced real estate agents really useful.


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