Mark Slade - FirstTimeBuyer

Here is a short list of advantages using a real estate agent can bring to your buying experience. • Education & Experience • Agents Are Buffers • Neighborhood Knowledge • Price Guidance • Market Conditions Information • Professional Networking

• Negotiation Skills & Confidentiality • Handling Volumes of Paperwork • Answer Questions After Closing • Develop Relationships for Future Business

HOW TO HIRE A GOOD AGENT How do you hire a good agent whomeets all the criteria and has the right qualities to find you the house you want and need? A good agent will have a special knowledge of homes in your areas of interest. They will be informed of everything you need to know about the property. The first step to finding a good agent is to contact one. Real estate agents are not shy and do not hide their lights under bushels. One way to find a good local agent is to simply drive around your areas of choice looking at the “for sale” signs. Who is selling them? Better, which agents have the most “Sold” signs in the neighborhood? Doing an interview will help you find the agent you are looking for. The purpose of interview should be to check the qualities of the agent. Is this agent the right fit for your home buying process? Do they have the qualities you are looking for in an agent? The agent must have a history of ethical behavior, moral aspects, working capabilities, ideas, and motivation for their work. Another important factor to consider is the agent’s experience. Do they have


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