Mark Slade - FirstTimeBuyer

positive feedback from previous clients? References? Are they new to the job, or a long-time veteran? Ask how many home sales they closed in the area you are looking at. This will be a key step in learning the expertise of the agent. If the agent has never made a deal in that area, you may want to keep searching for a more qualified agent. A simple way to review everything before signing or hiring an agent is checking these things: ; Previous deals (portfolio). ; Working hours, capabilities, skills, motivation, ideas, and loyalty. ; Ethical exam certifications. Take the time to interview real estate agents in your area. Here are some more detailed traits to look for when hiring an agent. Is he or she… ? Current? Is the agent up-to-date with the latest housing trends so he/she can serve you effectively? ? Connected? Does the agent have the necessary contacts to assist in every phase of buying a home? A network of connections should include home inspectors, quality service people, other brokers, and county officials. ? Knowledgeable? Is the agent familiar with the current market and able to help with price issues strategically? Does he/she know the area and its foibles well? ? Organized? An agent must pay close attention to your specific needs well, and be quick to follow leads and communicate. ? Personable? Agents who are sincerely interested in helping you will “go the extra mile with a smile.” ? Passionate? Some agents treat their job like a hobby or just a way to earn extra income. Find an agent who is passionate about real estate and loves the job; you’ll find they work harder, longer, and produce better results.


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