Mark Slade - FirstTimeBuyer

• Direct your movers through the unloading of your boxes, showing them where each box and piece of furniture must go. • Finally, unpack what you need for the rest of the day and set up your beds and beddings while you have help. • If your move went like most, it is probably after 11PM by the time you’ve gotten everything wrapped up for the first night in your new place. Pizza boxes are stacked on tables that are still wherever you first set them down. Soda and water bottles stand guard in the eerie quiet of unfamiliar surrounds that somehow feel like, well, home. You’ve got days, months, years of settling in yet to make this your home. But good job with this first day, and welcome home! CHOOSING AND HIRING A MOVER The checklist above is as thorough as it gets in most respects, with the weekly tasks to tick off as you go along the way. However, a big factor to consider is whether or not to hire a mover. Movers are a big help with all the items you need to pack, load, and transport over a long distance. If you are bringing several rooms of furniture and a family-sized load of personal possessions, hiring a moving company will definitely be the practical choice. The issue is choosing the right moving company to work with you. Here are some things to consider when hiring movers: • Reputation. Ask around for movers that friends and relatives recommend based on experience. Have at least three companies to compare services and reviews from before making your final choice. • Choose local. Oftentimes, local companies are the better choice in terms of budget and availability. While not always an option, if possible local is preferable. • Ask for an in-house cost estimate. Let the movers see your belongings and inform them of the distance to your new home so they can quote you an estimate.


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