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complements the color of your home. Replacing a wooden door with a steel entry door is worth the cost with an average 91% return on investment (ROI). You can also replace brass kick plates fairly inexpensively, which adds a newness to the appearance.


• Symmetry appeals to the eye, and is easy to accomplish. Lopsided landscaping or unevenly trimmed bushes will detract from curb appeal. The overall appearance of your home should be balanced. • Invest in a new mailbox. Make sure it complements your home. • Outdoor lighting is not only a great way to add beauty to your landscape, but is perceived as a safety measure. You can purchase attractive yet inexpensive solar lamps that soak up the sun all day and glow all night. No wires or cords necessary! • Add instant color by using flower boxes and raised flower beds. They are an easy, inexpensive way to enhance the exterior appearance of your home. • Spruce up the landscaping surrounding your home. Eliminate weeds and add fresh mulch to make a difference and show shoppers you care about the overall look of your home. • Give your home architectural appeal by adding molding to the tops and sides of the doorway or around windows. • Shutters and trim need to be in excellent shape. Repainting them adds to the home’s attractiveness. Your fence gates, arbors, or fencing panels need to be clean and fresh as well.


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