Bob Adelfson - Divorce Book

turf dye aerosol paint colorant to cover dead spots caused by pet urine. • Trim the hedges. If there is one thing that makes a home look like an abandoned hideout, it’s a runaway row of hedges. Make sure that hedges are nice and even. • Colorful landscaping. Plant a variety of colorful flowers, and spread pine, straw, or cedar chips. It’s a great idea to include a night photo for effect, so consider adding some LED path lights. • Give it a bath. Wash the windows, power wash the house, driveway, and pathways, and clean the gutters. Keep the pathways and driveway swept. Invite buyers by showing that the home is well maintained. Don’t forget to lower the garage doors and wash those windows, too!


Impressing the home shopper at the front door is as important as the curb appeal. This means more than putting out a welcome mat or potted plants. You want them to feel safe and secure when they open the door. The doorknob is the first touch point of your home. If the entry handset is worn or loose, replace the door handle with a heavy- duty deadbolt and knob combination. This wise investment of less than $50 will make your home more visually impressive. A flimsy lock or handle on your front door will make potential home buyers feel uncomfortable, and they may not even know why. Security is important to homebuyers. The front door itself is a focal point, so make it impressive, too. Is the paint on your metal door faded? Is it peeled and flaking? Freshen it up and add a dash of color. Choose a paint that 32

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