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buyer. Your home should have a sound roof, functioning gutters and downspouts, a foundation without cracks, a functional heating and air-conditioning system, solid subflooring, and safe and secure electrical wiring. With financer-mandated home inspections, any shortcomings may be required to be remedied to get the buyer’s financing approved. You do not need to undertake extensive remodeling projects to sell your home or to increase the value of your property. You do need to be sure your property is up to the standards of the neighboring homes. What’s important, though, is that you understand that the market value of your home is determined by the prices of homes recently sold in your area. Remodeling your kitchen to outshine others may not get you more money for your home, especially if it exceeds the market value buyers are willing to pay. You could spend more money than you will make in return — it is possible to over-improve.


It is easy to get wrapped up in the aesthetic aspects of preparing a home for sale. However, you should never overlook the upkeep of the “unseen” aspects of your home that keep it warm or cool, dry, and safe from fire.

Take a close look at these mechanical features:

• electrical boxes and wiring • natural gas lines • plumbing • central heating and air-conditioning

If these systems are old, outdated, or not functioning correctly, you are lowering your home’s value. 45

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