Of course, you want to avoid the extremes of coupling a bright red chair with a hot pink pillow, but you want to make sure you have a few items of color in every staged scene. Whether this is the furniture itself or complementary accessories, such as pillows, lamps, vases, fruit, rugs, plants, or flowers, the color (or lack thereof) could make or break the scene.


You have your props in order and have set the stage; now, it’s time to open the curtain to show off your production. If you’ve been careful to pay attention to the details and have everything in its place, your show will be a hit. The potential buyers will walk through the house or look at your pictures online with a sense of enjoyment and leave with a great impression, even if they decide the house isn’t for them. It’s like going to a show and telling others it was great while it lasted, but you don’t feel the need to see it again. This should not be a disappointment. When potential buyers walk through your house with you, or your agent, or view the pictures online, they will be drawn to each strength that you have played up in your staging process. They’ll feel comfortable in the bedroom, relaxed on the deck, excited about the Jacuzzi, and impressed with the view. Best of all, someone will make the choice to call your house “home,” and all will know that there aren’t any more seats because your sign in the yard is marked with a big, bold, “SOLD” sign.


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