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moving firms. Unlike movers, you do the packing, loading, and driving yourself. This could be a great way to save on moving costs, but only if you have a manageable amount of property to bring with you. The truck size matters. It’s imperative that you pick out the right transportation for your impending change of houses. While the objects from a one-bedroom apartment might just fit a 16-cubic-meter truck, the content of a fully furnished three-bedroom house might require up to two or three trips of a 26-cubic-meter truck. Make sure that you spare yourself a lot of grief and get the right size for your moving truck, especially if you’re facing a long-distance move. You can call on your friends for help in packing and loading your things into this rented truck. This will make it easier to do the moving without professional help. To get the best U-Haul deal and pull off a successful and uneventful move, keep in mind the following: • Time your move. Mid-month and mid-week are the best days to get a good price, since most movers say the weekends and month- ends are the busiest times for them. • Look for inexpensive, but serviceable packaging. Recycled boxes are less expensive. • Start packing a long time off. Plan months ahead regarding which items you’ll bring with you and which ones to give away or donate. • Organize a moving team. You’ll need all the help you can get, from packing, to labeling, to unpacking, and sorting your stuff. • Time your departure from your old place. Make sure you’ll be able to stop and rest, when needed, at convenient times and places. You want to be able to get to your new house while there’s still light outside for ease in unloading. If you decide to do the move with a U-Haul, make a specific timetable. Include all the things that you would be doing in preparation for your move. If you’ll be proceeding without professional help, you may even want to ask for advice from people you know. Their moving experience will provide you with tips on what to avoid and areas of preparation you may have overlooked.


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