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keep your house show-ready clean at all times, the same applies to the outside. Keep your yard cut, trees pruned, hedges trimmed, garden weeded, etc. Keep the garage door down when your house is on the market, and wash the windows and make sure that any chipping paint is repaired.


If the pathway to your front door is an ambassador to your home, the front door is your welcoming committee. Make the short walk a magical, appealing journey that promises unlimited possibilities for excited buyer-to-be. If the walkway to your home is a straight line from the sidewalk to the front yard, decorate the lane with plant groupings in vibrant colors in flower pots or beds. Add curious boulders and interesting trees to charm your guests, but be careful not to overdo it. You don’t want to create clutter. For a more contemporary look, a wooden walkway made of cedar, redwood, cypress, or teak constructed with weather- resistant wood is a beautiful option, and is easy to stain and seal once a year. Whatever the building material, keep the pathway manicured with regular edging. Ensure no weeds or overgrowth infiltrate, especially around the concrete or wood itself.

Adhere to the “less is more” discipline. Go easy on the


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