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decorations and lawn ornaments. A tasteful welcome sign is appropriate, but forgo the gnomes and flamingos. Be careful not to overcrowd your entry. Make sure your entry is well-lit, as this will not only make a big impact on curb appeal, but also provides better security. Solar stake lights can be purchased inexpensively from home improvement stores.


The exterior of your home plays a large role in the entire look of the property. Painting a house is a significant investment, but one of the most important investments you’ll make to get your asking price. Don’t skimp on this when it comes to preparing your house for the market. The best way to chase off a buyer is to show him a house with wood rot in the windows and chipped paint. The first thing the buyer is thinking is, “we’ll have to paint immediately, and that will cost $20,000!” It may or may not cost that much; but if you freshen up the home, replace all rotting wood, paint the trim, etc., that worry won’t be the first thing the buyer thinks about before ever touring the inside.


As your guests’ “welcoming committee of one,” your front door has a significant impact on your home’s first impression. Make the point of entry “pop.” Painting your


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