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front door in a punch of bright, bold paint that contrasts with the home’s siding and trim will add beauty and is another great way to add curb appeal. A seasonal wreath, a cheery welcome mat, some potted plants, or boxed planters will create a positive, free flowing atmosphere, and have buyers dreaming about the life they could have beyond that door. Pay attention to the details: make sure that the door knob is polished, and if the hardware is dated or beyond cleaning, replace it. Making your front door sparkle is important in helping buyers develop a positive first impression. If your outdoor lights are dated, consider replacing them with updated fixtures. Also, birds like to make nests in front door lights, and spiders love to weave webs in the shade of the overhang. Make sure you clear all that nature away. Take a good look at the back door as well. If it’s a sliding screen, make sure you replace screens with holes or are coming apart at the edges. Make sure your sliding door slides smoothly and stays on its tracks upon operation. Don’t let anything fall apart in your buyer’s hands. There is absolutely nothing worse than having something malfunction during a showing.


If your “soft landscaping” (lawn and garden) is withering, has bare patches, or is overgrown and riddled with weeds,


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