Authorify - Home Improvements Book Preview

CHAPTER 2 Where to Spend the Money

Full-scale remodeling projects don’t generally offer the best ROI. Rather, the best approach to getting full value for your expense and effort is to refresh or replace existing items like windows and doors, usually with a mid-range upgrade. We are going to take a quick look at several of the best places to spend your money for the greatest return. We’ll also dive into details of where and how much you can expect to recoup when you decide to place your home on the market. Let us begin by going over some of those replacement projects and continue with an overview of some of the other big-hitters, particularly the kitchen and bathroom remodel.


These projects are relatively simple and low-cost, placing them within the reach of most homeowners. The top four improvement projects in terms of ROI, according to Remodeling magazine, are the following:

• Garage door replacement: 98.3% • Manufactured stone veneer: 97.1% • Deck addition (wood): 82.8% percent • Minor kitchen remodel: 81.1%


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