Authorify - Home Improvements Book Preview

As you can see, these are not sweeping, spectacular changes. So why are they so valuable? You should first consider where all these changes are. Every one of these changes is on the visible exterior of the home, creating a positive first impression in the minds of potential buyers — an impression that helps set the value of the home in their minds. Other replacement projects with a good return include replacing old windows with new vinyl or wood window frames and trim and installing a new roof, with returns of 71% and 62%, respectively. It is also worth noting that the ROI numbers will vary depending on what market you are in. The Pacific Northwest (including Alaska and Hawaii) tends to show the best return on home remodeling and home improvement projects, with Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Tennessee also showing strong returns according to the 2015 Cost vs. Value report from Remodeling magazine.


Much can be gained from work on the inside of the home as well. One chief benefit of redoing a room or two inside the home is that it will increase your own enjoyment of your home. Another benefit is that if you are selling, it is important to carry that good impression from the exterior through to the interior with further improvements.


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