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so you can make the decision that’s right for you.

When downsizing, there are generally three options to consider (and different variations of each):

• Smaller single-family house or townhouse • Condo or apartment • Community living

To help you become clear on which option is right for you, ask yourself the following five questions, and keep them in mind as you read through the next three chapters.

1. What is your main motivation for moving? (You will likely have more than one, but focus on your primary reason.)

• To be closer to family? • To be free of homeownership burdens?

• To be closer to a city or town so you can walk to basic amenities, as well as social activities, and not have to worry about driving? • To stay in the same area but in a smaller, more manageable home? • To move to a location with more favorable weather conditions (for example, moving from a snow-prone area to a warmer location) • To make new friends around your age who share similar interests and life experiences? • Flexibility, so you can visit family or travel or relocate easily without worrying about maintaining a large home?


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