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• Choose your pillows wisely. “Jewel” pillows are useful for matching your other decorations, but don’t put an excess number of pillows that make the bed look like a teenager sleeps there, rather than the attractive, relaxing, spa-like environment you want to create. Cover every pillow in a matching pillow case and try to have each side of the bed symmetrical. Disregard the preferences of your spouse and simply match the colors. • Throw blankets are a good way of accenting your master bedroom. You can use this to bridge the local customs and patterns of the regions where you’re selling your home. For instance, a vaguely nautical theme for a house in New England can help sell your home in the same way that a Southwestern-themed pattern design can in that region of the U.S. CHECK YOUR DRAWERS

Just about every home has a chest of drawers (or dresser) in their bedroom. You’ll want to take any stray paraphernalia from your daily rituals and stick it in the drawers. Home buyers won’t go through the drawers for the sake of privacy, but they want to see what type of scene your chest of drawers plays in the part of waking and sleeping. It’s purely subconscious, as most homes aren’t sold fully furnished, but you gain points by positioning the chest of drawers, say, with a chair for getting dressed. MIRROR, MIRROR ON THE WALL…

Mirrors can be your secret weapon to persuading home buyers to give you an offer on your home. By hanging a mirror in your bedroom, you create the illusion of a larger space and emphasize the vanity of home buyers. They literally can see themselves in your home. If you have sources of natural lighting, these can reflect in a pleasing way to create a spa-like ambiance with an attention to detail. Those who purchase the home in the future will look to your example as a model for their bedroom.


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