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Pay attention to when you schedule an open house and how the light will play a part. Overly dark or overly bright master bedrooms are off-putting, even if you’re not likely to nap during the afternoon. Finally, if the master bedroom has a great view, showcase this as a major selling point. PLANTS Place a live potted plant in the room, such as a flower on the dresser or a tree in a corner. A floral arrangement is always a nice touch, especially if the colors are coordinated well, reflective of the local flora, or match the bedding and color schemes of the master bedroom. For the sake of air quality, having popular plants like the mother-in-law’s tongue (snake plant) or a bamboo palm can really lend a spa-like quality to the master bedroom that emphasizes the room’s purpose, which is a type of retreat from the worries of daily life and a kind of sanctuary. MASTER BEDROOM CLOSET Once you’ve tackled the master bedroom, don’t forget to arrange your master bedroom’s closet. Potential home buyers will most certainly be opening every door, so having a messy or unorganized or generally unsightly closet can disrupt any of the efforts you placed in the master bedroom. Give the illusion of space. Your goal for the closet is to reduce the number of items to the bare minimum, emphasizing space and order. The closet doesn’t have to be a realistic representation of your entire wardrobe. Keep the floor clear and the walls of the closet visible to give the viewer. If your closet allows for it, adding a mirror can create more visual space. Note the messages your closet might send — the subconscious considerations. Your closet’s appearance does more than display your wardrobe and possessions tucked in shoeboxes. Potential home buyers can tell a lot about the seller of the home by the appearance of the master bedroom’s closet, making inferences about the type of person (you) who’s offering their home for sale.


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