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MAIN LIVING ROOM STAGING When it’s time to prepare the living room for the showing, the big question is whether to empty the room, or have it staged. While some sellers prefer to empty it, staging your home is actually the better option because it helps to convey how the space can be used both functionally and aesthetically.

In fact, staging your home, especially the living room, can make all the difference in whether a buyer wants your home. A party often starts in the living room; so could a home sale, if the room is appropriately staged. TIPS FOR STAGING YOUR LIVING ROOM

There are multiple ways you can incorporate staging into your living room to ensure buyers fall in love with your home as soon as they walk through the door. For example: • Have lamps plugged in and set up near the corners of the living room to illuminate dark corners, which will add more light and a bright feeling to the room. • Don’t block windows or natural light sources, unless with a translucent, or practically so, drape. • Only use small chairs and sofas to give the illusion that the room is bigger than it is. • Showcase lamb’s wool, satin, silk, and any soft fabrics by having throws overs chairs and sofas.


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