Mark Slade - MoreMoney

You could use a drone or use your camera, but either way, taking potential buyers on a walk through their future home could be just the motivation they need to further explore the purchase and sign the contract. How many entrances do you have to your home? Consider starting a separate video from each door and walking through the home to give the viewers multiple perspectives. The more you can give, the more value you will create, the more offers you will receive, and the more quickly you will make the sale. To take it up another notch, consider making it a guided tour by either having someone walk in front of the camera while explaining each room, or make it a guided tour with a voiceover. There’s always someone in your circle who has a great voice, so if it’s not you, ask this other person for a favor. Otherwise, you can hire a voiceover professional through an online agency. If you could save a few long-distance potential buyers the cost of a plane trip, you’ve already won in their eyes. It now gives thema sense of urgency to be the first to snatch up your house before it’s gone! • • •


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